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Rubber Compounding & Tires
Royal Elastomers manufactures and markets a wide variety of liquid rubber products that are used in rubber compounding and tire manufacturing.

ISOLENE® and KALENE® can be used as reactive processing aids and as reactive vehicles for rubber chemicals that must be dustless, pre-dispersed and/or pre-measured. The benefit is the liquid rubber is easy to process and becomes non-fugitive once the rubber article is cured.

ISOLENE makes a similar contribution to the graphic arts market in the fabrication of UV radiation-cured flexographic printing plates. ISOLENE is used as a reactive processing aid due to its transparency and reactivity it can be cross-linked via UV light.
ISOLENE® Liquid Synthetic Rubber
Product ISOLENE® 40-S synthetic polyisoprene more
Product ISOLENE® 400-S synthetic polyisoprene more
KALENE® Liquid Butyl Rubber
Product KALENE® 800 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more
KALAR® Cross-Linked Butyl Rubber
Product KALAR® 5263 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more


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