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Adhesives, Sealants & Coatings
Royal Elastomers manufactures and markets a wide variety of liquid and pelletized rubber products that meet an array of demanding requirements when formulating adhesives, sealants and coatings.

Butyl based KALAR® and KALENE®, are useful components in maintenance coatings. KALAR is the preferred base for anti-corrosive pipe wrap because its partially cross-linked state permits the conversion of compounds to be easily applied as extruded tapes. KALENE’s liquid nature makes it a desirable component of anti-corrosion compounds where intimate surface contact is critical to the successful application and performance of the coating. KALENE’s superior impermeability also makes it the first choice for spray-applied coatings over urethane foam. Such KALENE coatings ensure hydrolytic stability of the foam in industrial settings where high condensation environments are encountered.

KALAR based sealants make an important contribution to the construction, insulated glass, and sound damping markets. These compounds bring the permanence of butyl rubber to the end user in a single-component, easy to use tape or pre-shaped profile. In sound damping areas where application of solids is restricted, KALENE or DPR® can be formulated for application as multi-component thermosets.

ISOLENE® and KALENE are integral additives in the formulation of pressure-sensitive adhesives. They can be used in hot-melt applied adhesives as more permanent plasticizers. They enhance cold-temperature adhesive properties, especially adhesion to low surface-energy substrates. Both of these products are of value in thermally reacted adhesives as well. In the un-reacted phase they help processing, but once cured, they become part of the adhesive network and are non-fugitive.
ISOLENE® Liquid Synthetic Rubber
Product ISOLENE® 40-S synthetic polyisoprene more
Product ISOLENE® 400-S synthetic polyisoprene more
KALENE® Liquid Butyl Rubber
Product KALENE® 800 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more
Product KALENE® 1300 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more
KALAR® Cross-Linked Butyl Rubber
Product KALAR® 5215 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more
Product KALAR® 5246 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more
Product KALAR® 5263 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more
Product KALAR® 5275 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more
Product KALAR® 5277 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more
Product KALAR® 5280 poly(isobutylene-isoprene) more


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